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Student Projects
Applied and Industrial Biotechnology

  • A conceptual process design: Use of sugarcane as single feedstock for production of sugar, ethanol and other products. (Poovelil A 2006)

  • Bioremediation (Phenol Degradation) (Prakasan C and Sapte.S 2006)

  • Biorefinery; Different feedstock’s same product (Sayyed N 2006)

  • Biorefinery; Products obtained from Bioethanol (Kolambkar.R 2006)

  • Potential of sweet sorghum as feedstock for bioethanol production (Rawat.R 2006)

  • Techno-economic Appraisal of Biodiesel (Gupta.S 2006)

  • Esterase dependent identification system for micro organisms (Furquan 2006)

  • Phytoremediation (Geetapriya 2006)

  • To screen different plant sources (e.g. peas, corn, soyabean and cucumber) for presence of cholesterol reductase activity (Shweta and Shraddha 2006)


  • Extraction of ß-Carotene from Anoxygenic Phototrophic Bacteria and augmentation of its synthesis through Genetic Engineering (Kumar N 2002)

  • Design of a plant-based drug for Asthma cure (Ganatra S 2002)

  • Development of recombinant Insulin like polypeptide from Momordica charantia (Khatri P and Rangani G 2002)

  • Development of Neural Network based Predictive System for Protein Structure (Otwani R 2002)

  • Structural and Stereo chemical Modification of Artemisinin and its analogues for improved Antimalarial activity (Punekar A 2002)

  • Structure based Design of Camptothecin Analogue to improve its Antitumor Activity (Shahapure R 2002)

  • Design of Semi synthetic Derivatives of Streptomycin targeted on Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Pandit R 2002)

  • Development of Recombinant Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone (Tamrakar P and Mathew S 2002)

  • Newer Camptothecins for treatment in Cancer (Patil N 2003)

  • Designing of PTP 1B inhibitors as potential antidiabetics (Devargaonkar P 2003)

  • Lectins for treatment of diabetes from Momordica charantia (Sathyanarayanan R 2003)

  • Hypoglycemic compounds from Momordica charantia (karela) (Pathak S 2003)

  • Promoter prediction using Time Delay Neural Network (Bastikar V 2003)

  • Novel Approaches in Malarial Therapy(Thovarai V 2003)

  • Artificial Intelligent Techniques for the evaluation of Immunological Status in AIDS (Badbade. P 2004)

  • Gastrointestinal Antimicrobials from Aegle Marmelos (Vyas N 2004)

  • Antimalarials from Aegle Marmelos (Srinivasan M 2004)

  • Investigation on Development of Potential Bioinformatics Application using SVL (Mishra P 2005)

  • Hydrogen Production Using Immobilized enzyme systems (Mrudula S 2005)

  • Anti diabetics from Aegle Marmelos (Ramamoorty A 2004)

Environment Management

  • Consequence Analysis of Loktak Lake Health with recourse to Hybrid Neural Network (Jani N 2004)

  • Optimized Production of value-added products from lignocellulosic wastes (Ranganayaki P 2004)

  • Neural Network based Air Quality Modelling of Sulphur Dioxide and Suspended Particulate emissions from Trombay Thermal Power Station with different Fuel-mix Scenarios (Bhavsar V 2004)

  • Biological Production of Hydrogen for Fuel cells (Dave B 2005)

  • Production of PHA from lignocellulosic biomass using Heterotrophic Bacteria (Sadevra V 2005)
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