About the Conference

CSR in recent years has gained its importance and is often discussed at the highest levels of companies in a variety of interpretations as to what it actually means and the impact of company’s action on the society. The focus of the business schools invites considerations on current social issues by providing resources, ideas, consulting for “B” school aspirants working to bring a gigantic social change for the good. In view of this objective SIESCOMS a responsible institution is continuously preparing itself for a change in its processes in creating socially responsible managers As a part of its social commitment SIESCOMS has clearly understood the need for such an act and tried to enter into this area since last couple of years and has been putting all its untimely efforts in achieving the goal of building Indian Managers with global perspective by inculcating serious thoughts towards analyzing the social problems and making them feel the importance of their role as socially responsible budding managers. Besides, SIESCOMS students, undertake various social activities throughout the year by taking up specific projects for certain concern causes and coming up with recommendations in collaboration with NGO’s. The institute has come out with this conference exclusively for the social sector. As a business school we believe in standardizing, streamlining and scaling up whatever initiatives we undertake. While our existing social initiatives have got streamlined, we are now exploring new projects / areas that could be taken up to cater to the changing development sector.

Under the above context, SIES College of Management Studies(SIESCOMS) announces the National Research Conference on Imperatives on Corporate Social Responsibility. This conference will be held at the sprawling campus of SIESCOMS, on 4th Feb 2017. This research conference identifies key social issues. It will provide an opportunity to academicians, NGO / CSR partners and corporate to debate and discuss through research findings the imperatives on Corporate Social Responsibility and to come forward with suggestions to explore new avenues in this arena.