About the Conference

Business practices the world over are undergoing metamorphosis. Increasing globalization but with reducing influence of WTO, unclear risks emanating from unprecedented sources, lack of globally accepted norms for managing businesses, inherent contradictions / diversity and often resultant contradiction in cultural / religious ethos across countries are throwing serious challenges to manage businesses with classically accepted management theories & norms.

Under the above context, SIES College of Management Studies(SIESCOMS) announces the National Research Conference on Perspectives in Current Business Scenario. This conference will be held at the sprawling campus of SIESCOMS, during the most pleasant season of the year. This research conference identifies key societal, business and technology trends, assesses how they will shape future business opportunities, and explores processes and best perspectives in innovation and emerging technology management. Adapting to different business models involves risk; therefore, planning to examine alternatives before taking action is the need of the hour.

This conference aims at looking at perspectives in current business scenario and the management tools and techniques to manage the businesses in these turbulent times.

The conference will attempt to look at all the traditional management domains namely, General Management and Strategy, Marketing, Human Resource, Finance, Information Technology and Operations among others. It will provide an opportunity to academicians and corporate to debate and discuss through research findings the perspectives in current business scenario and tools to manage them.